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    Children are the happiness of the family, the future of the country

    Children are the happiness of the family, the future of the country. As we all know, President Ho Chi Minh's life was always for teenagers, children with special love and care. Uncle regularly reminded and assigned tasks to protect and take care of children. Through speeches, writings and by specific acts, he laid the foundation of thought and set an example of the protection, care and education of children.

    Over the past years, imbued with the teachings of the beloved Uncle Ho, our Party and State have always considered the task of protecting and caring for children as the basic content of human strategy, contributing to creating human resources for the industrialization and modernization of the country. Therefore, regardless of the conditions, our Party, State and people always have the right policies, increasing investment priority for the cause of protecting and caring for children. Socio-political organizations, schools, families and the whole society are always interested in protecting, caring and educating to improve the material and spiritual life for children.

    Every year, on the occasion of International Children's Day 1/6, throughout the country in general, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province in particular has aroused a movement to help children. In particular, the 2015 Children's Action Month with the theme "Listen to what children say" is an opportunity for us to improve the care and protection of children, always taking care of their wishes. These are annual and continuous activities to raise awareness and responsibility of all levels, sectors, families and communities on the role and importance of child protection and care for development of the country. In addition, the parallel goal is to promote the movement of the entire people to participate in the protection, care and education of children; encourage and mobilize organizations, mass organizations and individuals to support children's care, education and construction programs for children.

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