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    Cashew nut residue (feed, fertilizer)


    Herewith is our product:


    Advantage and Usage:
    + Rich in Protein, Amino acid, Fiber, Easy digestibility…good for Animal and Plant

    + Nutritional Feed for Aquatic, Cattle, Poultry, especially for the Beef, Buffalo

    + Organic Fertilizer

    Importer: China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Canada…
    Payment:L/C, T/T, D/P or Buyer’s requirement
    Specifications: According to our below Standard or Buyer’s requirement.
    + Type: Powder or cake

    + Protein: 36% min

    + Moisture: 11% max

    + Fat: 5% max

    + Ash: 7% max

    + Fiber: 20% max

    + Sand & Silica: 5% max

    + Amino acid: 24% min

    + Calcium: 15% min

    + Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2: 100 µg/kg max

    + Melamine, harmful microorganism: No detected

    + Packing: 30 or 50kgs/PP bag, 16-18MTS/20’FT, 20-22MTS/40’FT Cont.

    Website: http://bmgvn.com/

    Hotline: Mr Tuấn

    Phone: 0945.067.777

    Email: letuan1644@gmail.com



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